The Restoration of Summit Lake and the BOA


By choosing the menu item of choice you're helping the Main St. Pub make a contribition to the Community Match 2018-2019 goal of $66,000. The match supports Philmont Beautification's partnership with the Village of Philmont to complete the pre-development work of  Summit Lake and Its Watercourse Step 2 Nomination BOA, providing the road map for continued revitalization in the village.

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Restoring the lake is the central catalyst of the plan, including redeveloping the waterfront to increase public access and use of the lake including a boat and canoe launch, improving the park and playground, and entry of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

The Agawamuck Creek, Summit Lake, and High Falls flow to the Stockport Watershed which is the watershed of the Hudson River Estuary. 

WHAT WE DO HERE has an environmental impact on the Hudson Estuary - so let's join hands to make the right choices.

Community Match dollars will also contribute to the pre-development of 17 sites including the High Falls Theater, creating a Historic Mill District, storefronts on the Main Street, and community amenities like parks, improved streets, and green energy solutions.

           If you want to help a little more - that would be great!